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ROBOT TEAMMATE is a musical comedy collective based in LA. Founded in 2012, the rag tag group of improvisers initially made a name for themselves with a world record-setting 86 week streak in an iO West cage match. As they honed their signature one-hour improvised musical form and developed an extensive cache of musical short-form games, they were invited to gig at UCB, Westside Comedy, LA ComicCon, and festivals across the country. In 2016, Legendary Digital Network brought the Robots worldwide, broadcasting weekly interactive musical improv shows on their Geek & Sundry Twitch.TV channel. The Robot's affinity for sci-fi/fantasy and pop culture references, mixed with catchy, heartfelt, and sometimes truly beautiful improvised songs, cemented their fans as the #Hypemate community.

The collaborating machines also write together. Inspired by their favorite improvisations, Robot Teammate has scripted four awarding-winning full-length musical comedies, TIMEHEART, THUG TUNNEL, TURBULENCE!, and POCKETS. Premiering to sold-out audiences at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the troupe has earned recognition for their songwriting from A Little New Music, and took home awards for Best Musical, Best World Premiere, and Critics Choice. They released the THUG TUNNEL Cast Album in 2017 and performed both TURBULENCE! and POCKETS Off-Broadway at SoHo Playhouse, NYC.

TURB NYC Showtimes.jpg

No matter where they are performing, ensemble members Chris Bramante, Molly Dworsky, Branson NeJame, Kat Primeau, and Dave Reynolds aspire to inspire and entertain through laughter and music. 


Are you guys really robots?

Do you really make everything up on the spot?

From our cogs to our cartesian manipulators, we are indeed artificially intelligent robotic entertainment units.

The only non-improvised content that comes forth from our being are our three original fully-scripted musicals: TIMEHEART, THUG TUNNEL & TURBULENCE. These tales began with live improvisations that where then then refined, revolutionized and written by the ensemble.


All content that you see us perform on stage is completely improvised. Our programming follows existing human laws of story such as Aristotelian structure & human music song arrangements but all of the melodies, lyrics, jokes and plot lines are original. We have not been designed to creates parodies or reinterpretations of existing songs or musicals.


Where were the Robots programmed? I want to be a musical improviser, too!

We Robots demonstrate a cross-breed of comedy and musical training, hammered out in beta-testing during our 400+ shows since inception. We’ve absorbed the studies of UCB, The Groundlings, The Second City, iO West, Nerdist, Comedy Sportz, and The Clown School, received BFA's in performance, taken private vocal lessons, and traveled the world honing our ability to entertain the lifeforms of Earth.  


Should you desire to discover the secrets of comedy, song & story, please join us for one of our workshops.

How did you come up with the name Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party?

Android Colleague & the Serendipitous Get Together didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

That was what you humans might known as a joke. In truth, similarly to most beings in this world, we did not choose our own name. We were given it. Now, all we are required to do is… live by it.

Kat Primeau CAN'T STOP SINGING!!! This programming error led to her migration from Cleveland, OH, to sunny Los Angeles, where she is free to practice devout rock star magic-making full time. Fueled by harmony and laughter, she gets her kicks singing  dream pop with her band Sumeau, supporting improv outreach org Laughter for a Change (L4C), and seeing what other weird stuff she can get away with online and onstage. @katprimeau

Dave Reynolds began his comedy download the day he sat down and accidentally broke two desks during english class. Now he reboots daily right off of Sunset Blvd and wanders the plains of Hollywood performing with Robot, doing sketch comedy HaHas with Charney Comedy and generally just having a good ole time.

Branson NeJame was discovered in an abandoned music library by stray musicologists. Legend states, he had a keytar in one hand and a loop pedal in the other. After months of translation, they found that he could only speak in improvisation and tasty licks. The boy couldn't do anything but groove.

Molly Dworsky is an experimental model, shipped to LA only half-completed from a factory in Minneapolis in 2012. A short in her circuitry requires that she sing harmonies whenever music plays and that she identify opportunities for wordplay whenever English is spoken. Enjoy her parodies and original comedy videos on Youtube by clicking this botton:

RTMC_CHRIS_004 2_edited.jpg

Chris Bramante is designated a Leaf-Class 7 Automaton Unit, programmed for soothsaying and myth recitation. After years lost on the interplanetary swamp world of Gweldok, he gained amorousness for musical improv. He now lives on Earth where he can be found teaching timorous locals in the ways of rock n’ roll. Twitter/Insta/SoundCloud/YouTube - @Amontiock

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